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I grew up on a farm, so I have always known the meaning of hard work. I always loved working the land and being outside, never doing the same thing every day.


As a teenager my curiosity for the fire service developed, mostly because of Jonnie and Roy on the television show Emergency. When I was 18 I joined the New Milford Fire Department and I knew this is what I wanted to do.


Even though I still farmed, I worked many places in the fire service for many different departments, both full-time and volunteer. It was in the fire service I found my love for cigars.


Most of my adult life I enjoyed many blends of cigars and pipe tobacco and many of my friends said I needed to open a lounge.


In 2021 my dream came true and with the help and support of my wife Jean, Strike the Box Pipes and Cigars was born. Now it’s our full-time passion.


Stop in and see us!

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